Sept. 22, 2022

EP. 080 The Quarterly Focus Project

EP. 080 The Quarterly Focus Project

Last week, I talked about the three components of the successful IC business owners' routine, and this week I am giving you a deep dive into one of those components, which is the Quarterly Business Focus Project. 

Tune in as I outline this concept of a Quarterly Focus Project in more detail, so you can put it into practice in your own consulting business.

In this episode, I share what The Quarterly Focus Project is and why you need one.

I walk you through the 8-part anatomy of an effective Quarterly Focus Project so you have the exact formula to build out your focus projects. 

I also share two very tangible real-life examples of what you should and should not do with a Quarterly Focus Project so you know exactly how to put a successful business owner routine in place for you and your business.

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