Pantheon Membership


Here is what the Pantheon Membership is all about:

- Exclusive App: FOR MEMBERS ONLY! We have built a powerful APP that only members have access to where you network with the hundreds of other members, post your questions, add your knowledge and attend our WEEKLY LIVE TRAININGS.

- Exclusive Trainings: You get access to our library of MARKETING, BRANDING, LEAD GENERATION, SALES, OPERATIONS, FINANCE, AND SOOO MUCH MORE! TONS of content, posts, videos, trainings, and instructions that you have access to 24/7

- Live coaching calls with Josh: Josh does a LIVE 60 MINUTE COACHING CALL once a week inside the group. The weekly trainings are POWERFUL and they include behind the scenes interviews, Member Makeovers and live Q&A's.

- VIP Access to Pantheon Live Events: Every year we do 10-12 live in person trainings where members get together for 1 to 2 day trainings. This is EXCLUSIVE to PANTHEON members.

-Private Message Boards: Members can start and engage in dozens of daily discussions on BUSINESS GIVING BACK, RELATIONSHIPS and many other topics.

-AND FINALLY EXPERT COACHING: Our advisory board is growing with experts in BUSINESS, FITNESS, RELATIONSHIPS, MENTAL STRENGTH, SALES, and SYSTEMS. All inside our private community app!

The Pantheon Alliance

Ever wanted to be surrounded by a group of high level entrepreneurs that can take your business to the next level?

The Pantheon Alliance is just that! It is a mastermind room with the best of the best. Where we actually DO BUSINESS instead of just talking about it, done on a WEEKLY BASIS. Where you have the chance to pose your questions and needs to the group and get the results you need!


- Completely Designed and Launched Thought Leader Platform: Gets you in the door with your dream client. A platform that attracts clients to your message and wisdom as a thought leader. We help you establish a plan to run and optimized your platform

- Enter a Community of "Door Openers": The fastest path to a more successful clientele is through relationships. For this reason, we bring you into a room of other successful entrepreneurs with powerful networks to help open the door between you and your dream clients.

- An Army of Support Along the Way: You will have a team of people behind your journey 100%, from the Pantheon team to your own alliance within the mastermind who want to see that you succeed.

Interested? Click the button below and submit your application to be considered for the Pantheon Alliance.

Pantheon Industry Icons

For the people that want the Alliance but want more of the consultation and 1-on-1!

The Industry Icons get access to everything in the Pantheon Membership and Pantheon Alliance. Including all training calls and membership sites! But, the real thing that sets the Industry Icons apart from everything is:

- Monthly Industry Icon Mastermind or Virtual Meet Up: Meeting some Josh's closest group of industry icons. With cross promotional calls and joint venture opportunities.

- In Person Special Events: Only the Icons get Exclusive meetings and activities after our regular events. Giving opportunities for Icons to meet and group together to collaborate and build success.

- 1-on-1 Intensive with Josh Tapp: Josh sits down with you for a 1-on-1 in depth coaching consulting meeting. Where you get a custom tailored referral marketing plan for your business.

-Direct Access and Accountability: You get direct access to Josh through telegram or text/call. And Direct accountability; Josh wants you to succeed! And he's gonna hold your toes to the fire. Making sure that you are going to do all you say you can.

Our Other Products:

Need something? Ask!

There are some things that we still do:

- Podcast Marketing: Simple podcast marketing to boost your numbers and who is hearing your podcast.

- Consulting: Want Josh's time for just a little bit? Fill out the form and ask specific questions. Rates vary based on time and specific help that is needed.

-Have something you think we could help with? Let us know through the form too.


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