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"Join us in Pantheon Premium, an exclusive, premium membership community with everything you need to CREATE, AMPLIFY, AND MONETIZE YOUR WORLD-CHANGING BUSINESS."

               - Josh Tapp - Founder At

Does This Sound Like You?

The LEGACY Focused Entrepreneur

You have a message and a mission to share with the world

The Growth Focused Entrepreneur

You want to grow your business and your reach

The Service Focused Entrepreneur

You want to sell your coaching, consulting, or mastermind but you don't have time to figure it out on your own

The Impact Focused Entrepreneur

You have a business and you want to grow your audience and reach more people with your message

Pantheon PREMIUM



The Pantheon Fam

Daily Support And Community

Pantheon Premium has a thriving private group. Every day you'll have direct access to our coaches, facilitators, and thousands of other entrepreneurs who will answer your questions and provide support to help guide your through every step of the way


Video Training

Step By Step Video Tutorials

In Pantheon Premium we've created (and continue to produce) every video tutorial you'll need to create , amplify, and monetize your thought leader brand! You can rest assured you're taking the right step, the right way, at the right time. We've got your back!


Next Level Business

Workshops And Networking

In Pantheon Premium we've invited some of the world's highest paid thought leaders to condense their $10k+ programs into monthly half-day workshops to help you build your business. AND each month we hold a virtual cross-promo day so you can network and test your offers on real people. This is a community fav!

Who Can You Relate To Most?

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The Reluctant Hero

We get it 'cause we've been there! We all start at square one with fears and and doubts we're thrilled to say we've helped THOUSANDS to face their fears and successfully launch their businesses within Pantheon Premium

What's Working Now Logo

The Tech Averse

The tech aspect of business can be so simple and inside Pantheon Premium we show you how to setup and use all of the tech tools you need to run your business. If you have a team we will also help your team to take the tech burden off your plate

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The Growth Focused

You've already launched your business and you're ready to grow and monetize with the right systems and strategies. It's not about IF but WHEN. Join us in Pantheon Premium to learn the proven path to success, to reach that next level faster

We're Here To Help!

Pantheon Premium Isn't For Everyone

Launching a business that is going to change the world requires  hard work, time, dedication, patience, and consistency. Overnight success does not exist. 

Inside Pantheon Premium we provide all of the tools, training, and support you need to make it happen, but you have to be committed to doing the work.


What others are saying about us

These Titans Leveraged The Pantheon To Do Great Things

"I FINALLY Know How To Promote My Offer!?

I built a multi-million dollar empire before I met the pantheon, and then they did something I never expected…they helped me to gain true clarity on how to promote my offers. This clarity has resulted in a drastic increase in our close rate and helped us to build an inbound referral network. This program is the best use of time  a business can ask for.

-Tasha C.

"I've Made More Than Ever Before WHILE Serving"

I've made more money in the past 6 months with the pantheon then i've made in any year before. These guys know how to not only make more money, but to reach people who you never thought would be possible to reach. The Pantheon is a game changer for anyone who wants to change the world and get paid to do it.

- Steve R.

"The Pantheon Helped Establish Me As An Icon In My Industry"

These guys are the real deal! I wanted to make an authority play to establish my thought leader brand and these guys not only helped me break the top 1% with my podcast, but I made multiple sales of my 6-figure coaching program because of what we did with my platform. I genuinely believe in what these guys do and I hope that they continue to change the world one business at a time.

- Katie R.

Our Story

Our Business
Started With


0 Clients 

AND 0 Dollars In Our Bank Account

NOW We Have

Over 250,000 Followers Hearing Our Message

Over 2,000 Clients Served Across 23 Countries

AND Over $50 MILLION In Deals Closed Through Our Audience

So...Let's Get your World Changing Business Up And Running!


Monthly Workshop With Industry Leaders

$11,997 (Value)

Monthly behind the scenes training and Q&A

$4,997 (Value)

Monthly Member Makeover To Build Your
Business LIVE

$2,997 (Value)

Monthly cross promotional call

$2,997 (Value)

Video Training Library

$2,997 (Value)

Pantheon CRM and Marketing Toolkit

$997 (Value)

Private Community


TOTAL VALUE: $26,995




We Know You're Busy But If Not Now, When?

Pantheon Premium is the #1 community for thought leaders for a reason. Let us help you get your mission, message, and services out to the world.



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