Who's Your Mentor?

Throughout my life I have meet some incredible people. Some have personally developed me and some I have sought out to be mentored by. I have always described my life as the two movies I liked so much: Forrest Gump and The Big Fish. I feel like those two characters in my life because you never know who you are speaking with. Because these people are so humble and down to earth. And the embarrassingly enough, I find out after the fact just who I was talking with. But that is okay. It is better that way. Because I got to meet the real person.

On this podcast I want to hear from the Movers, Leaders, And Shakers in their space. Taking their information and give you that value to help you in your life. And though we all have differences in our lives. WE ARE able to talk to each other. I am not here to discourage anybody. I am here to find common ground and place a call to action in my listener's business, family, or general life. I love to amply great individual stories. That it may lift us all up to be better human beings, giving us all a call to action to improve!

Welcome to Who's Your Mentor Podcast.




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