About PantheonFM



Who We Are

The Pantheon is, on the surface, a community for entrepreneurs that provides them with all of the tools, training, and connections they need to grow their audience, their revenues, and ultimately their impact.

At the heart level, The Pantheon is sooo much more. We are on a mission to gather entrepreneurs from across the globe to rally them to grow together in the fight for entrepreneurial freedom.

Our Roots Run Deep

The Pantheon is the brain child of our founder Josh Tapp from when HE was just a child. At 11 years old, Josh's father invited him to read business and personal development books in exchange for $10. At such a tender age, Josh took this challenge seriously enough to find the smallest book his father had on his bookshelf, but to Josh's surprise (and the obvious delight of his father) this book lit the spark of entrepreneurship within Josh and planted the idea of gathering entrepreneurs from across the globe and rallying them together.

16 years later together with his childhood best friend he co-founded the pantheon to fulfill on that childhood dream and ultimately change the entrepreneurial industry forever.

Our Founders

Josh Tapp - CEO (The Heart)

Josh founded The Pantheon with a vision to solve the world's biggest problems through entrepreneurship. This vision led him to build 4 different companies serving entrepreneurs and generating over $50m in deals. His podcast The Lucky Titan is an iTunes top 5 podcast for marketing and entrepreneurship, Even though he has a strong following of entrepreneurs, Josh attributes over 90% of his results to leveraging his proprietary "Pantheon Method" to build relationships with his podcast guests who have helped not only grow his audience, but to meet some of the world's most influential people, and make a lot of money along the way. But the success he is most proud of is his ability to work 30 hour weeks (going for 20) so he can raise his 2 sons an connect with his wife and his God.


David Norman - COO (The Brains)

David joined up with The Pantheon in its infancy and his experience in the finance and operations sector were a God-send. His operational expertise and his alignment to The Pantheon vision allowed him to make The Pantheon what it is today; a Global phenomenon. He and Josh were best friends as children and that friendship has continued into a flourishing partnership. David's family is his number one priority and his service to his family, the community are known throughout his hometown of Idaho Falls, Idaho.


So What Does "Pantheon" Even Mean?

The Pantheon is an ancient Greek structure meant to be the gathering place of the gods. Today this term literally means a gathering of highly influential and successful people.

The Pantheon is a gathering. Designed to rally people like YOU in the fight for entrepreneurial freedom.

What We Do For Entrepreneurs


The Pantheon Roadmap

With weekly training, courses, workshops, guest experts, and software tools, The Pantheon lays the path for any entrepreneur seeking to have fun, make money and make an impact on the world. We leave no man behind!


Virtual And In Person Events

The Pantheon is a gathering of entrepreneurs, so we would be remiss if we didn't at least gather together! We hold events with entrepreneurs from across the globe primarily to connect them with one another with some good old fashioned networking (with a Pantheon twist).


The Alliance And Beyond

Our inner circle mastermind, The Alliance, is where we gather in small curated groups each month to cross promote one another and to unite together to solve the world's biggest problems and to make a lot of money along the way!

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